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Sorry for my late response, but thank you for all the detailed info? I contacted the Elk Lake Lodge and they did confirm all mentioned here. I may pop in there for dinner on my hike out though!

We are planning to arrive at the Dix trail head by about Noon this coming Friday (before Labor Day weekend) to hike in, set up camp. Hopefully we can snag a parking spot before the madness begins. We're planning to overnight 2 nights near the lean-to site that (according to Gaia GPS) is between Lilian Brook trail junction and Dix Pond.

We're doing an abbreviated Dix loop.. going counter-clockwise up the Beckhorn trail, up and over Beckhorn and Dix, and then down and around to the west via the Hunters Pass trail and back to camp.

if those tent areas are full, I wonder if there are any sites near Dix Pond? As you note, 150+ ft aware from trails and water.

Thanks again!
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