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Thanks for the review.

So often new gear is not the same as the older version and this can be so frustrating especially when it is cost cutting. Often I'll find first version to be the best. It used to be first was a prototype and second version had the bugs worked out. More often first is best and second is all about profit. Seems to me that this is also the case here. The worst for me is when manufacturers remove pockets under the guise of simplifying design. Argh!

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I purchased this jacket after having to retire the original model due to a faulty main zipper. I got almost 10 years of heavy use out of the original jacket, so no complaint there.

I inherited a sewing machine and I pull that thing out all the time for fixing and adapting gear.

I had a 10+ year old jacket that I really loved and the zipper broke. On the other hanger was a jacket I didn't like with a good zipper. It took a while for the light bulb goes off over my head....

After the first time, I started to dive deeper. I had a slightly too large EMS wind shell and an awkwardly cut, generic, fleece. I seam ripped off one zipper, nested the layers and sewed them together. Added two large inside pockets. It's looks a little homemade, but it is may favorate 20F to 30F around-the-town jacket. On those windy days I can put it over a cotton T shirt and be so warm. Of course I could have worn them layered, but this goes on as a single jacket.
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