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Here in suburbia they almost always take them down in pieces. Too many obstacles to hit and most tree services have cherry pickers.

It’s expensive. It’s kind of a shame because a lot people don’t want to replace the trees because they are concerned about the expense and/or don’t want to clean up after them.

Personally I can’t stand all the open golf fields devoid of leaf litter and doused with fertilizer and pest/herb-icides. It’s terrible for our watershed.

I've noticed the state (or perhaps counties) plants a lot of Honey Locust along the large highways. Not sure exactly why, but I was guessing it was a relatively fast growing tree that has few issues, and probably is robust to salt pollution. They aren't quite native here, but they grow well. I have one in my yard - I have zero complaints. It's a great shade tree and it's easy to clean up after. The leaves are so small you can easily mulch them right back into the ground with a mower. It doesn't leaf in as quick as our natives and holds its leaves a little longer, but it does its job, and will probably be quite successful in our warmer climate to be.

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