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Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
It's also possible that if it were someone's private tree, the tree care company they contracted gave them two options: "We can either cut the entire tree down and you can pay more money, or we can mitigate most of the risk by cutting most of the crown but leaving the trunk and you can pay less money" and the property owner went for the less money option.
I guess that would depend where the tree in question is. If it is not close to a building or the wires, then taking it down completely should be cheaper - just cut across the bottom, let it fall over then cut it up.

Easier/quicker than getting someone up to the top to take parts off and leave the bottom?

Obviously not as easy where the wires are involved (unless you could cut it to direct it to fall away from them), this would be more for someone's own property where space is more open.
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