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Mount Marcy's Secrets

Steven Paul Thomas went missing on April 12, 1976 after walking away from the Hopkins lean-to about a mile from the summit.
Here are a few article links on the case:

I have hiked Mount Marcy and explored the old lean-to site. I lose sleep thinking about Steven's disappearance. I definitely have my own thoughts and theories about what happened that freezing April night.
I know Steven's brother Bob has searched more thoroughly than any searcher out there....but still come up with nothing.
Has Steven been forgotten? I hope not. The ban to camp above 4,000 feet has greatly hampered the ability to search for any clue. It takes four to five hours just to reach the old lean-to site from the trail head at the Adirondack Loj.
Does anyone remember or have different/new information on this old case?
Steven is still on the mountain, patiently waiting.
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