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Well, with some careful examination of the QT guidebook, I think I've answered my own question. The northern route is the "old" Quehanna Trail, whereas the southern route is the "new" Quehanna Trail. The reroute was deemed necessary to avoid a wet crossing of Medix Run- a stream that can be dangerous to cross when running high, and likes to consume foot bridges for breakfast.

The "new" southern route allows the trail to take advantage of a road bridge further upstream.

I think in this case, I think I might be ok with deviating from the "official" QT to follow the old route if conditions are such that the crossing is safe to make. The alternative follows the old QT anyways, and this route is a mile longer than the current QT so it's certainly not any easier. But the guidebook does make mention of potential plains to abandon the old QT, which leads to an obvious question since I'm considering this route: Any ideas what the current condition of the old (northern) route is?

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