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Thanks Gary for the friendly answer! Here I thought the focal point for climbing in Arietta is Nine Corner boulders these days. I always see that trailhead parking area full of cars, while I hike and paddle off of Route 10 farther north and quite often decry the lack of use.

I'm not a climber by any means; I've only dabbled in top-roping with my daughter on some little walls we know. I think simply improving the footpaths to the cliffs on Sherman and others in the Silver Lake Wilderness is a good step to open up some more use of the area in all seasons. Would I want to see the paths officially marked as trails? Probably not, but that's a discussion for another day. Over the weekend I enjoyed the ease with which I was able to get to the cliffs due to the existing footpaths. So I say, good work. There's so many other traditional footpaths in the Route 10 corridor that are unmaintained at all for lack of routine use, it's nice having a few that are.

Maybe let me know of any future work weekends in the area and I'll stop by to say hello. It's my "home wilderness" along Rt 10, being 20 minutes from my house.
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