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It depends on where you go in the Catskills. Above about 2500 feet there is still a fair amount of snow, possibly necessitating snowshoes. Most hikes in the Catskills are mountain climbs, so you'd probably have to deal with the snow.

My suggestion: Try a backpacking trip in Harriman State Park. There is some beautiful terrain down there, the temperatures are a bit warmer, and the snow has mostly melted. It is a popular weekend destination for folks from NYC, but this early in the season it's still mostly day hikers, and the overnight camping pressure is light. Both National Geographic and the NYNJTC produce maps that cover the trail network, and the NYNJTC has a guidebook available as well.

The regulations are a bit different- biggest thing to keep in mind is that camping is permitted only at backcountry shelters, or, if the shelter is occupied, within 300 feet of the shelter. The maximum length of stay in one spot is also only 1 night, so you have to move to a different shelter for the second night.
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