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Alternative route to Mts. Adams + Allen

I'm planning a hike to Mt. Adams later in August and noted that the swinging bridge over the Hudson River and floating bridge over Lake Jimmy are out, on the approach to Adams and Allen from the Upper Works trailhead.

Perusing the High Peaks ADK Maps, I note a possible detour through the Tahawus Works on a road, crossing a railroad track? And then picking up the trail from the edge of the works complex which takes you past Lake Sally to the original trails to Adams and Allen? Is such a hike possible, now that I recall from reading an article that the previously-private Tahawus Works and adjacent lands are now in the planning stages to be opened to the public for hiking, canoeing, if not already?

How else did the repair crew carry the cement bags, wood planks, wire netting for the restoration of the Mt. Adams fire tower? Surely they couldn't have carried these materiel through the waters of the Hudson and Lake Jimmy?

Thanks in advance for any information,

Christopher Lehfeldt
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