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Originally Posted by DuctTape View Post
I am going to have to schedule quite a few longer trips to do all the lean-tos at Tioga Point.
Yeah, I think to myself, "I really need to get started on those ones" every time I scroll past them while working on the map. I believe they revert to backcountry regulations in the off season, after the campground closes (although you might need a permit to camp there, not 100% sure on this).

One thought I had was to hike in via the trail from Sargent Ponds and spend a week hanging out there. Stay in a different lean-to each night. That would knock a good chuck of them out (although a week wouldn't net even the majority of them).

Thank goodness Alger Island doesn't revert to backcountry regulations in the off season, and thus doesn't meet my qualifications for what lean-tos I need to stay in. I don't have to worry about all of those lean-tos, at least. :-)

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