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Originally Posted by MaximusFunk24 View Post
I recently read an article about the North Notch and South Notch ski trail through the Sentinel range that was used during the 1932 olympics. It briefly mentioned in the past tense that there used to be lean-tos, but didnt say what happened to them. Was wondering if anyone knows if the remnants are still around like the old Loch Bonnie lean-to?
There were two lean-tos on the South Notch Trail. Both are shown on the old Plinth, Quoin & Cornice Associates maps of the High Peaks you can still find available for sale at some stores in the Adirondacks (despite being horrendously out of date at this point). One of the lean-tos still exists and is in pretty decent shape, but is on private property, not far from River Road on the outskirts of Lake Placid. I'm not entirely certain that there's any public access to it at present, hence why I did not include it on this map.

The other was located near South Notch itself (a short distance to the west and slightly downhill). I hiked the old South Notch ski trail back in 2012, and could not find any trace of it. The trail itself was pretty brushy and hard to follow in spots.

I've thought about possibly adding a third category- lean-tos that no longer exist (or, as in the case of the Loch Bonnie Lean-to, are in such horrendous shape that no one would have any desire to camp there). It'd require extensive research, though- especially concerning the numerous lean-tos that used to exist at Marcy Dam and Lake Colden.

The lean-to on the northeast shore of Osgood Pond is in similar condition, albeit in better shape than Loch Bonnie (hence it's inclusion on this map). I suspect that this is a "renegade lean-to," and was not constructed with DEC knowledge or authorization.
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