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Recent Ursack Use?

Has anyone been out and about with an Ursack in the last couple of years? I know thereís one poster on here that had a failure up in Colden several years ago, but my search of the forums doesnít turn up anyone with recent experience and I think theyíve redesigned them again since then. Iím curious not just about bear interactions ó bc the answer I hope is that no one else has had them ó but about the ability to fend off the little critters as well.

I usually use a 60L pack and the bear canister takes up so much space that I hate using it when itís not required. However, Iím also 5í1 so making a truly safe bear hang poses some logistical problems that I tend to not want to deal with after a long day of hiking, so I end up using my canister frequently in areas where itís not mandated.
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