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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
Drake equation applied to fish populations?

But seriously, after looking at that lake data, I was seriously skeptical that many of those lakes/ponds that could have been rendered lifeless by acidification, were. There are a few that definitely were impacted, and probably sterilized, but all those had at least one outlet. I didn't notice any larger bodies of water that were sterilized (and were known to have healthy fish populations), or had a pH anywhere near dangerous.

I'm also still curious about those particular lakes types and why they remain acidic. But perhaps I need to find some more modern data to know.

There are many papers that have been published in regard to acidification and the many variables involved. If I can find them I'll post a link.

Edit: Here are some links. Good reading for those interested in acidification: (Adk specific at 3.5) (more on soil calcium depletion hindering recovery) (quick and worthwhile download)
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