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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
  • Shame about WCW Wilderness. The forest will come back, the fish, probably not though.
  • Crocs are no match for Adirondack pond muck. I once lost a fully tied, high top backpacking boot on a portage. I know other fools who easily lost booth flip flops when used as portage footwear. Gone until the next ice age. I was able to get my boot back though...
  • One of the sites at High Rock had some NASTY ground bees in years past. It still looked well used though.
  • With the promise of driving to Blue Moon in Saranac Lake for breakfast, I was once able to make it from the 5 ponds bridge to Inlet in two hours flat.
Well, now I can't show this trip report to one friend in particular. She will see your crocs comment and use it as further evidence that I have bad taste when it comes to proper footwear.

No sign of any ground bees at High Rock but I don't doubt that they've been an issue there before.
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