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Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
The Robinson River especially is a spot that I'm interested in- but have not yet visited (apart from paddling past the confluence where it joins the Oswegatchie on this trip). Ever since learning the history of the Red Horse Trail, I've been intrigued... I'm sure that at this point there's not much (if any) remnant of the long-abandoned part of the trail left, but I've thought about trying to follow the route all the way through from Stillwater to High Falls (with a water taxi shuttle to get dropped off at Big Burnt Lake).
I've been through to the Os from Stillwater via the Sand and Rock Lake routes a couple of times. That's a pretty easy way to go. I also made the trek from Lows to end up at Stillwater. And taken the Red Horse to past the end of the trail at Clear, Crooked and Summit Peak on toward very the unique shaped Oven and then Toad, short of the Robinson. Beyond Summit I found no clear trail, past or present as evident.

The 1995 derecho so destroyed any hope of making safe passage in the years after. I had to abandon two separate attempts with my Hornbeck due to unsafe conditions on thousands of slick rotting logs and tops invisible under lush ferns and extremely dense fresh sapling growth in the new found sunlight after essentially 100% of all the mature trees had blown over and disappeared from the skyline. Maybe conditions have improved since.
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