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Unfortunately I never carried a camera in my younger years. Much of what I was talking about was the days of chemical film, and I was never much into messing with it. Most of it looks the same, but I do wish I had an old picture of the summit of West.

I have some recent pictures somewhere, but none of Otter pond. I remember exactly what it looked like the last time I was there, but I know that doesn't help you...

I'm generally underwhelmed with photos in these areas (that I've taken). It always just looks like a brushy mess or a featureless body of water. I did start taking pictures of campsites in recent years so I could remember what were good ones. If you were asking specifically about Cascade's sites, I think there are two. Not sure I have pics of them, but as I recall both are on the north side of the lake, one west, one east. Eastern one is where part of the old camp was, western one maybe was too, but all I recall there is a big open, grassy clearing by the water. Both are decent, but Cascade Lake isn't all that exciting to me. I think Zach has the right idea with bushwhacking up the ridge behind it though. I never have (to my dismay) but it looks like nice, open forest going up to some cliffs.

And just one note regarding West. I think even a small 30' tower would offer amazing views. Raquette lake is an extensive, and interestingly shaped body of water. To see it from above would be amazing. My memory is foggy here, and I don't remember exactly how much I could see when the summit was more clear, but I'm guessing it was mostly just a larger view of the picture you took. I don't think the vantage point was high enough to really see the whole lake unobstructed like you might get with a tower.

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