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Also while I'm on my box - whilst I think this trip would give a lot of people a good overview of the area, I'd say also a trip just to Queer Lake, with a tent and a pack raft, or pack canoe, if possible, would be my vote for a 3 day trip.

I'd hike out, set up a camp and mill around Queer lake, and hike over to Chub, and maybe back down and out through Cascade, or in that way and out the North route. It isn't much in terms of mileage but I'll argue Queer Lake is the gem in that area. Also I'll agree that Lean to is not its best anymore. First time I went there almost 30 years ago it was pretty pristine. But that's no matter - plenty of other places to camp around even if they aren't designated sites. If you can huff a pack canoe out there it'd be worth staying and exploring that lake for a couple. A pack raft would work as well - or even just whacking around the lake. There are a lot of herd paths already, but most of it would be whacking and easier by boat.

The rest of the spots around there are nice, but not very quiet/remote - especially around 7th and 8th Lake. Even if there are no boats the highway is right across the water.

Pigeon, Constable, Otter, West... I guess cool to say you went there, but you aren't missing all that much. And this from a guy who's been more than once... Cascade is nice for a day hike to the falls or for skiing, but not the most exciting campsites.
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