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Over the past several years the road has been open on the 21st.

The other issue is ice. Ice does not know about the calendar.
Many get stuck on the road; or, turn back and do the walk.

A couple seasons ago I walked the road 6(maybe 7) times. I got accustomed to it.
-The road makes Seymour like Allen without the river crossing.
-There is a net loss of elevation and two big climbs to get out.
-Take a sturdy shovel (maybe 2). One winter the winter lot got plowed while hiking and wet heavy snow pushed by the plow under my vehicle set up. It was a lot of work digging out what didn’t look like a lot of snow. I had what I find on Lowes was a transfer shovel. A spade(digging) shovel would be a good addition to a very strong shovel. A standard snow shovel is too weak and too wide.
-My slide climbing buddy Claudia is leading an ADK club hike to Seymour on the 21st. You'll have help. She generally makes it to the summit.

- I've come across groups 3 times that didn't actually go to the Summit Sign.
Remember this. There is a sign at the summit and from there you can see the Santanonis. The people that didn't get there stopped at the ledge where you get a view toward the Sewards, Tupper Lake, Ampersand Lake(etc.) and NO view of the Santanonis.

- Extra credit for finding the old sign w/o any lettering. It's near the new sign.

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