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Originally Posted by bosco View Post
question as to the location of this trail head. is it on pumpkin hollow rd or do you drive down past the camps down the old murhy lake rd. rd ? thanks
I took this picture on the Pumpkin Hollow Rd. trailhead to Murphy Lake last fall. Duct Tape is correct, you can get to Murphy from Pumpkin Hollow Rd or Creek Rd. The distance to Murphy is the same from either trailhead.

Please don't drive down Murphy Lake Rd. Like DSettahr said, it's a private road and the nice folks who live there don't like people parking or trying to turn around on their front lawn. Back in the day, that was the historic approach to Murphy Lake. There was an actual "road" from Creek Rd. to Pumpkin Hollow Rd. that the current trail uses for most of the way.
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