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Have a 12' Classic owned for several years. Recommend using kayak paddle for trolling, will work just fine - has for me, also better for all around use and maneuvering.

I use a Werner Camano paddle.

Use TiteLok rod holder(s) - adjustable and (re)moveable as well as super light weight strong aluminum. Mine are mounted in front of me far enough that I can paddle as well as see that my lure is pulsing - tracking properly, and more importantly when I get a hit. I use a small piece of wood - shoe moulding is just the right thickness, so it fits between the wood railing trim on the inside top of the Hornbeck and the clamp. To protect the hull on the other side, I use a small piece of foam - cut a little piece from something like an old yoga mat. If using a new mat, I make sure to cut it straight, so my wife will not notice and kill me. Hope this helps.
Can't provide any advice on the packing part, however, Mallard1100 seems to have some good ideas.
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