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I purchased my Hornbeck 12 with matrix skin and fishing package 2 years ago. My concerns were exactly the same. I am all over the spectrum with its intended use. I use it for duck hunting where my hike in with gear can be a few miles, easily accessed waters where I would want my oars, and some more remote areas where I was only use a kayak paddle and yoke along with possibly back country hunting. So with that said I bought the whole package. Oars, yoke, and the Kelty Pack they offer for overhead carry. I have since used all methods. The easiest for me so far has been the standard over the shoulder carry. With that said I have tried the yoke but it did not work so well with a loaded pack that road high as it went to deep into the seat and it did not ride comfortably. With a smaller compact fishing pack it might be better. I have only went on one trip with the kelty pack and a full load. It worked well but I’m still working out the kinks of a full pack and boat balancing correctly. It wasn’t the easiest walking as my head was buried deeper in the boat. I’m still dialing things in overall and will get some more experience on the water this spring.
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