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Hornbeck canoe - Row or paddle? Frame pack or yoke?

There are dozens of threads on lightweight canoes and carrying methods and set ups on this site. I've read them all and made the hard decisions.

I've decided to go with a Hornbeck 12' Classic. I will be carrying it up to six miles to fish back country ponds. I will likely do overnights here and there, so I will be hauling gear on top of everything else.

I've distilled my remaining decisions down to these two questions:

1. Row vs. paddle:

Oarlocks and oars will add about 7 pounds to the weight of the canoe for carry purposes, but will obviously be better for trolling. The decision must be made at the order stage--oarlocks cannot easily be added later on. Is the weight worth it?

2. Frame pack vs. yoke:

Frame pack costs several hundred dollars extra but leaves you hands free and makes the miles easier. Can be added at a later date if necessary.Yoke sounds like a literal pain in the neck, but is only $50.

Grateful for any insight anyone can give me.
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