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Well, my experience in the MRP has been that I can ALWAYS get a site, unless it is a holiday weekend. And any time I have driven through to (Big) Indian Lake from the Limekiln gate, the CRF gate area has been crowded. I wouldn't worry, except that it is Labor Day weekend, last hurrah for a lot of folks. Myself, if I can get the plumbing in my house fixed, I'll be driving into the Plains on the day after Labor day for the permit free three nights, and based on the pix I've seen on here, I'd be heading for CRF, except the spot I usually go (and my wife approves of as there are few "dangers") offers better fishing, at least based on experience and reports. But if he gets in early Friday, it may not be a problem a lot of workplaces will not pay for the Monday Holiday if you take off early the week before, so the ' crunch" probably comes Friday night early Saturday.

As an alternative, if it appears that all sites are taken, Beaver Lake is a 2 mile level haul with a cart, Mitchell Ponds a little longer, and some of the other ponds in the Plains are shorter. If you can carry the boat, Squaw Lake is about 3/4 mile, at the end of the road, and as it is a long drive in, not usually crowded. Reports are that the road can be driven with city cars, too!
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