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My wife ands I camped in the MRP on Labor Day weekend once, a long time ago, when the road still went all the way to (little) Indian Lake. It had rained the Friday night when we intended to leave, so we stayed home and left early Saturday. After the three plus hour drive, and a short stop for " extras" in Eagle Bay, we got to the plains gate about 11 AM. There was a handmade sign at the Rock Dam road indicating all sites taken, we then drove the Limekiln Cedar River Road all the way to the T without finding an open campsite. We continued on the Otter Brook/Indian Lake Road all the way to Indian Lake, passing only two poor sites that were unoccupied. After a difficult time turning around due to the number of vehicles at the Indian Lake Barrier, we returned to the open sites, one of which had been taken, and then took the other, which based on the height of the vegetation, had not been used much that year (but it did have a reasonable privy.) The rest of the early afternoon was a parade of cars in and then cars out. The ranger went by around 3 and said they had closed the gates due to the area reaching capacity. We have never returned on a holiday weekend. If the crowds I saw on a Saturday in August this year at trailheads that are usually one or two cars, like Bubb Lake near Eagle Bay, I would try to get there Thursday if I wanted a site anywhere around the Plains, folks are just loving the Adirondacks to pieces.
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