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Suggestions for Next Paddling Trip

Howdy --

Just got back from a great trip to the Bog River/Low's Lake where my father and I stayed at #12, marking our 10th Adirondack trip paddling together. Wondering where we should head next, and thought about this forum as a place for suggestions.

To date, we've explored the following areas:

- Middle Saranac
- Follensby Clear
- Long/Turtle/Slang
- Long Lake -- > Raquette River --> Crusher
- Little Tupper/Rock Pond
- Oswegotchie to High Falls
- Blue Mountain Lake/Eagle/Utowana
- Round Lake
- Lake Lila
- Bog River Flow/Low's

In addition, I've explored the following areas with friends or my fiance:

- Floodwood Pond/Little Square Pond/Fish Creek
- Upper Saranac
- Lower Saranac
- Essex Chain of Lakes
- Hoel Pond
- Little Clear Pond --> St. Regis Pond

Open to you suggestions as to where to head next! Some options that come to mind are Dead Creek Flow on the Cranberry Lake (is there a lot of motor boat traffic?), a return visit to Low's to explore Grass Pond, Cedar River Flow, Indian Lake, or Henderson Lake? Or should we look further north to Canada -- Algonquin, Killarney, French River, etc.

Couple of considerations:

- We tend to kayak instead of canoe.
- My father is getting a bit up there in age and isn't the most receptive to longer carries. Even the carry to Lila resulted in more grumbling than I expected.
- We usually keep the trips to two nights/three days.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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