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Originally Posted by Huginn og Muninn View Post
You were kicking around buying that pack a year ago, weren't you? I posted a reply regarding a Kelty Super Tioga, which I believe is a similar pack to the one pictured above. Did you go to Idaho last season to hunt?
Yes, I think that was me? Waiting for the price to come down on the pack. Looks like a practical solution for what I have in mind.

Once in awhile Backcountry Edge has a special on the this model but I never seem to have the money at that time of sale.

As for making it out to Idaho, I didn't of course. But the way things are going I wouldn't throw away the idea of actually moving to Idaho!

Kelty has reintroduced the Tioga series again with it's huge cubic inches, something like 5600cu.? Nice pack as well, but the Cache has a brace for hauling quarters of beast.
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