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Originally Posted by bbowen View Post
A friend and I would like to spend a night or two in a primitive camp in the Northern part of the park, like High Peaks or north.

Neither of us is in terrific shape so we'd like to keep the hike in relatively easy and less than 2 miles one way. We'd camp a night or two then hike out. We prefer a place near a lake or pond. And something that isn't swamped with people ie Fish Creek.

Any suggestions?

Originally Posted by Pumpkin QAAD View Post
Hey didn't want us to seem like a rude forum and leave this unanswered but it's kind of like asking for a really nice and popular New York City restaurant that isn't crowded on theatre night and is cheap!

The net has tons of resources, or if you post a location you are going to maybe someone will PM you.

Yeah sort of a Yogi-ism.

"It's a real secluded and remote place which is why everyone goes there".

Best thing I could think of would be the back side of Middle Lake in Hope. It's a couple of miles in, doesn't get a huge amount of traffic and is on a lake.

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