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This might not be what your looking for, but I down sized an 8x10 wall tent I bought many years ago, its now 7' wide by 6'deep and 54' high. I have used it to set up a solo deer camp/ice out spring camp on Lows Lake, probably too small for two people.
I use an interior frame with angle kit and closet pole for poles, when the tent is guyed down it is very sturdy and tight, and supports can be temporarily added to the inside in the case of a heavy snow event.
I tried the "search for downed wood" for poles, it was exhausting and time consuming. My interior frame sets up in minutes.
My stove was a 12x12x24 and I cut down to 12x8" high by 15" deep, and went with a 4" pipe from a 5" pipe it does a good job, gets the tent warm fast. My tent is not waterproofed or fire resistant, I use a tarp on top, a front stove pipe exit and sleep with a cold stove. All the pipe fits in the stove for transport, really don't need much pipe with the front of tent exit. I have over 60 nights in the tent and no burn holes.
My last trip into Lows the whole outfit fit in a 15' canoe, tent, stove, frame, cot, guns, wannigan, some cold ones, food.
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