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Wall tent recommendations

I'm looking to hunt out of a wall tent for several weeks this rifle season. I've never done a wall tent before. Looking to hike it 2-4 miles back in the woods for several weeks, and set it up on a frame made of local (down and dead) timber and run a wood stove in it. I'd want to be able to fit two people, beds and gear. I realize it would take several trips to get all the gear in there.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a tent? It's tough finding the right balance between weight (preferably 35 lbs or less) and size (I think 10x10 would be comfortable enough, not sure about 8x10) and price (looking to stay below $900).

Some of the brands I'm looking at are Eena, Panther Primitives, Atuk, and Alaska Tent and Tarp.

I'm leaning toward the Eena, but it's not flame retardant-treated. Does anyone know whether that's necessary when running a stove, either as a matter of law (as I have seen suggested on other websites) or common sense?

I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions about any of this stuff. I'm open to buying used as well, if anyone happens to know of any opportunities.
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