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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
The only thing that really ticks me off (tents in LTs don't bother me that much), is people who hike in at dark or dusk and want to take over your camp. Yes, that's when you should be the most accepting, but when I'm tempted to use some BS and get them to go elsewhere. It's just rude and bad planning - stay at a campground or roadside site if you're late and start the next day.
I've found that I've had a lot of success with this and other similar situations by both inviting the group to share the shelter and laying down the law in the same breath. I address them directly- "Hi! It looks like you folks are looking for a spot to camp. You're more than welcome to move into the lean-to with me; there's plenty of space. However, if you do decide to share the shelter with me please be aware that I expect that you will respect my desire for peace and quiet."

I've had good luck with getting the larger groups (particularly those with an obvious propensity for being more on the disruptive side of the behavior spectrum) to move on by doing this- without denying them fair use of the shelter space in any way, whether explicit or implicit.

I've of course also been a member of one of those larger groups with said propensity for not being as quiet as a smaller group, if for no other reason than group size (although alcohol just might be a factor also). I don't think we'd even dream of moving into an already occupied site unless it was seriously our only option- and even then I'd like to at least think that we'd modify our behavior accordingly.

Although once I was woken up at 4 AM by a group that was camped nearly a mile away down the lake that I was set up on. I later found out that a group of 30-35 people had shown up in an already occupied campsite at 2 AM- and proceeded to set up in the site and started partying as soon as they arrived. The first group that was already set up on the site apparently packed up and moved elsewhere in the middle of the night. So sometimes, even just getting a group to move on to the next available site maaaay not be enough to preserve your desired experience- you might just want them to move miles away (or leave the backcountry entirely). (Fortunately a ranger showed up and was able to deal with that group.)

Second worst experience: The group that showed up at the lean-to we were in at 11 pm and decided to wake us up and ask us to move out of the lean-to so that they could move in- because they didn't think the lean-to would be occupied and therefore decided not to carry tents.
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