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In a place like PLW, I don't expect anyone to share that lean to. There's better spots to camp on the Peninsula anyway.

I typically feel people out when another group comes up. Have a chat, see what how they are, etc... If they want to stay, I won't say no, but I usually leave it up to them to ask. If they are not my crowd and they insist on staying, I'll just leave.

The only thing that really ticks me off (tents in LTs don't bother me that much), is people who hike in at dark or dusk and want to take over your camp. Yes, that's when you should be the most accepting, but when I'm tempted to use some BS and get them to go elsewhere. It's just rude and bad planning - stay at a campground or roadside site if you're late and start the next day.

I was under the impression all those lakes out there were dead anyway from the acid rain years. The western Adirondacks, and that area in particular is a direct hit for rain from the west. It depends on the bedrock and if there is anything natural base to even the pH. I heard the DEC "limed" certain lakes, but I have no idea what is fact and fiction and what ones would have been touched.

Anyway, I don't fish. I just like it out there and there's plenty of area to get away from others if need be.
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