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We hiked into Queer a few years back. after hearing that it was "reclaimed." We found a young couple at the lean-to who were obviously perturbed to have to share the wilderness with others, even though we were not staying the night. For their sakes, I hope no backpackers showed up to use the rest of the structure. We went down that peninsula a little ways and still fished for a couple of hours, my buddy got one trout about 7" long, fortunately lip hooked and released. That is the only fish we've ever caught in any of the ponds and lakes in Pigeon Lakes, although we have caught some nice caches in the tiny streams when the beaver had been active for a while. I still go back to Windfall because it is pretty close to the road, so it makes a nice place to sit on a short afternoon. The Detour around the inholding on the trail from Windfall to Queer makes me less than eager to take that route again, maybe I'll try Zach's recommendation about the trial up from Cascade, which has been converted by a "junior biologist" to a largemouth bass lake, like we needed more of those in a mountainous trout habitat.

Schulz will likely win the contest and have to buy the beer, if my "catches" are included!
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