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Hey! I want a beer too!

I'm really confused about the LT. I knew about the double on the west shore, and could easily see it from my canoe. That's not the one I was thinking of.

If it was moved last year, it was moved after I was last there but it looks like from old pics it wasn't right on the shore either - which is some reason what my memory is, but I have no pics to confirm.

I also do believe when I stayed there I walked down 28 and through the parking area that they describe on CNY.

Most drivers normally pass right by the parking area located on NY 28 exactly 2.3 miles north from the Eighth Lake Campground and 2.3 miles south from the four corners in Raquette Lake. It has a small sign 'Canoe Carry' sign that is nearly impossible to see from the road. The GPS coordinates are N43 47.796 W74 41.706 for those who have a GPS devise in their vehicle.
I actually don't know if I even knew those LTs were there. Not sure my old ADK maps had LT locations marked. We might have just started walking back toward Inlet and stumbled upon it... things were a lot different pre-internet.
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