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Montcalm and Lucky you are both correct. My post was tongue and cheek. Yelp lists the address in Eagle Bay, and Old Forge, so I wondered how the place could get around so much. And Lucky 13 has another good point. It depends on who makes the pizza. Sometimes it's fabulous and other times mediocre at best. The wings? I never tried them but as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I guess taste is in the hand of the guy paying the bill. And you are right Screamen Eagle is in Inlet, and so am I. But it is worth stopping and trying. Also the Tap Room has an awesome cheeseburger and is open every day. Agree that the Adirondack Hotel has great food.
The Toboggan Inn in Eagle Bay is certainly worth a try as well. Menu based rather than pizza and wings fare. They do a nice job for a fair price and you canít beat a $2 or $3 happy hour draft IPA!
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