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Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
I've already stayed in the lean-to on the north shore of Eighth Lake. I was thinking about spending one night at the second lean-to on Eighth Lake on the west shore (and bushwhacking along the shore to reach it). Alternatively, I'd continue to the junction north of Bug lake and take a side trip south on the trail to Seventh Lake and stay in one of those lean-tos.
The island leanto on 8th lake was removed a couple of years ago. Nearby on the west shore, the double wide leanto was completely (re)constructed by the Lean2Rescue crew. The "Dunning" leanto on the north end of the lake was moved and rebuilt last year. It is supposedly an ADA leanto, as is the trail from the north leading to it, but it in fact was moved to a higher point on the hill, and I haven't seen any significant ADA-like improvements to the trail since we worked on the leanto. That carry trail during the 90 miler last fall was in the same condition as it has been for years.

The trail to Bug lake has been adopted by a member of the Central Adirondack Search and Rescue Team (CASART), and had been cleaned and brushed out (maybe not completely just yet).
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