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I spent a night in there last July. The Gill Brook Cut-off Trail is a little longer but easier walking with a full pack, just not as scenic. The first campsite Bucknut mentioned is just past the Cut-off junction, and is the nicest I think. There is another site on the right shortly past there; that's where I stayed because the first was occupied. Water is easily gotten from Gill Brook. The third site is closer to the Colvin/Elk Pass trail junction; I didn't check it out as it was occupied but water did not appear to be close at hand. I never liked the looks of the Elk Pass site as it struck me as damp, buggy, and the pond didn't look like a salubrious source of drinking water.

Fires are allowed here as TCD points out. The site I stayed in had plenty of wood strewn around the fire pit, but I didn't indulge. Bear cans are not required here as in the High Peaks but I think using one is good practice.

Be sure to sign in at the AMR register, read, and follow their regulations. Failure to obey them could result in a fine. The rules are restrictive but the price of admission to cross private land. Keep an eye on the golfers when you pass the course. There's a sign on the tee box telling them to wait for pedestrians to clear but they don't; I almost got hit once with a line drive slice and the guy never called "fore."

I hiked in late in the afternoon, set up camp, and went out to Fish Hawk Cliffs and Indian Head to catch the sunset. Highly recommended spots to visit. I climbed Colvin & Blake the next day, but broke down camp and stashed the gear after breakfast to leave the site open; it was occupied when I came back.

As for having your gear grow legs, it's never happened to me but it does happen. Many years ago my brother and I were sitting on top of Marcy in May - amazingly we had the summit to ourselves - when two hikers came up and asked which one of us was Blake Fulton. My brother said "I am, but why do you want to know and how did you know my name?" The said "we passed your campsite and everything has your name on it."

Hope this is useful and welcome to the Forum. Good Hiking!
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