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Cool story 1bluefin. It prompted me to do some research on piano construction. The soundboard is very much like the top of the guitar, in function. I'd assume it could be made the same way but is probably 2-piece bookmatched and quatersawn for aesthetics. My dreadnought is about 16" wide, max. Jumbos are a little bigger - maybe 18" or so. So figure you need a tree at least that wide for those, probably more like 24" to make sure you're out of knots and get a full cut. I think that's pretty huge for Black spruce. And unfortunately I think we exhausted most of our sources of large Red spruce in the Adirondacks.

Sitka makes a fine sounding guitar top. The Adirondack (red) spruce apparently ages in better whereas the Sitka is pretty prime from finished product. In recent years builders have claimed to be able to age the Red spruce so it's optimal right at finished product. But who knows, that could be a bunch of hype. The latest rage in instrument building is building "relics", that is, aged to perfection right from the factory. Don't know if they really are, and some of it's just getting a beat up instrument (LOL), but people sure are willing to pay...

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