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Wolf Pond is nice. The lean-to has been there for a while now (since before 2017) but the trail in particular was only declared "complete" and marked a few years ago. My first visit to Wolf Pond was in 2017, and there was still some visible work necessary to be done on the trail then.

If you cross the outlet (can be tricky during high water) and walk along the south shore to the east, you can get even better views of the upper Great Range.

In the long term, there's some planned changes to the area. A second lean-to is planned for somewhere on the north side of the pond. And there's plans to build a trail connection between Wolf Pond and the Fly Pond parking lot on Boreas Ponds road.

Another trail is planned along the Boreas River from the same trailhead as Wolf Pond, and will connect to LaBier Flow.
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