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Wolf Pond, VWMWF, 23 Mar, 2021

Today found Tredhed and I back in the Vanderwhacker Mt. Wild Forest. Our "Lunch at a Lean to" menu brought us to Wolf Pond and an early start got us to the Boreas Rd. trailhead at 9:30.

1a TH.jpg

Inspecting the trail, we decided to slip on the micro spikes and sign into the woods.

1e register.jpg

Spikes were a good choice as the spruce/balsam forest shaded the trail and kept the conditions firm.

1i trail.jpg
1q trail.jpg

About halfway to the pond, we passed some neat ice falls alongside the trail.

1m trail.jpg

After an hour of walking, we approached the lean-to.

2b LT.jpg

It was well sited in the deep forest away from a swampy bay of the pond and had a nice filtered view of the water.

3d LT.jpg

After settling down, we took a walk out into the marsh to check out the scenery. The views of Wolf Pond Mt. were stunning on this blue bird day.

2d WP.jpg

Venturing a little farther out, we caught a nice look at Mt. Marcy and her slightly smaller friends.

2f Marcy Allen.jpg
2i Marcy.jpg

After gawking at the scenery for a while, we headed back to the lean-to for some hot soup. Just as we were finishing up, we met two women from Schroon Lake who were doing the same thing we were. Great minds think alike

Too soon, it was time to head back down the hill and get home. What a spectacular way to spend a picture perfect day in the mountains.
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