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Yeah I think weíve been over this before but it seems to me new sites that the dec are marking even follow the 150í rule. I noticed this a few years back in St Regis CA and that a number of open sites had been heavily marked for no camping or even day use (so as to revegetate). I didnít mind the new sites but really not as nice as camping right on the water, so I can see the fuss.

Issue is when you do go to a place where there look to be obvious (usually well established) water sites and there is no disc. Do you whack around in the woods and hope you find a clear, semi-flat area or take the risk. Most people out of ignorance take the risk. Some people take the risk if there isnít a ďno campingĒ disc. Some donít care either way.

Not sure the answer there but thereís probably a lot of places (I know a few) where there are ambiguous but otherwise illegal sites that maybe get used by a handful of people because they are remote and/or off trail. Does this represent an issue? I think itís up to the user to use their best judgement on impact and accept the penalty if caught. But again I can think of many no Ranger is ever going to patrol unless called to.
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