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I don't want to drift this thread too much but I'm not sure that some of the "illegal" campsites are legal and the DEC doesn't waste resource marking them, or the markers have been removed by people who wish to keep the ambiguity. This probably has little to do with that book, but I really do wonder about it based on some things I've seen, for example:

Fawn Lake in Jessup River WF.

From current DEC website: "Designated tent sites are located at Fawn Lake (12)"

I've been there, and I can't remember a single disc at any of those sites. They were obvious to find though. And they may be marked now, but at one time I'm sure they weren't.

As for a place like Horseshoe, that's easy to patrol - if there's no disc or it says "Do NOT camp here", you're likely to be caught and fined. I've had rangers stop in on me at many roadside sites, and particularly ones where there were areas of "do not camp" and "camp here" clearly marked. I'm sure I would have been asked to move or fined if I hadn't been in the right spot.

I'm not condoning illegal camping, never have. But sometimes I wonder if the DEC really cares much about certain areas.
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