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Originally Posted by Wldrns View Post
Of course it is possilble, what kind of shape are you in, do you have wheels, and can you portage the Grumman without wheels? I showed pics in an earlier post of a trip I guided with Boy scouts and three older adults on the Portage from Lows and down the Oswegatchie shortly after the derecho damage. They had grummans (no wheels), I had a wood strip. I can't imagine a tougher trip than that one was at the time with any canoe.
Yes, I am in good shape, but the canoe is circa late 1960s when they
had (two) versions of the same length.

One is a lighter 55lb and the second a 79 lb version.

The second is what I have.

I have wheels but no yoke, anyone have a yoke for a Grumman?
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