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Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
Yeah, it's a somewhat well known route. If you get the paddler's map, the full route is shown on that. It's also described in detail in the paddler's guide (albeit in different sections).

Smaller stretches of it can easily be completed in 2-3 days and are moderately popular.

And of course, the big lakes (Little Tupper, Lila, and Lows) can be very popular, since these can be enjoyed with minimal (or no) portaging.
I think part of the issue for a lot of people not gravitating toward the long route are the portages, and the amount of gear (food) you need to carry to complete.

I'd probably try this in 5 days, and I think that'd be reasonable from what I know of doing this piecewise. But even so, that's a fair deal of food to carry and have to deal with the long carries. With a tandem it's downright brutal.

You look at the numbers and you're like... 2 miles isn't that far... until you have your canoe and your pack on your back and 1/2 mile later you're thinking "this is the worst freakin' thing in the world, get it off me!" And you take a break and realize you're only a 1/4 of the way there. Then you finally reach the end of your carry and think, "I'm absolutely NEVER doing that again...", but on this trip... you realize that's just the start...

This is definitely the kind of trip I'd want to do in a solo canoe and carry as little gear as possible.
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