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Thanks for posting a great trip report and photos. It not only connected my visits to the individual areas of your trip, but the Oswegatchie portion brought back memories of the many trips I made up and down that river when I had my guide service (Five Ponds Guide Service), worked as an ASF on the river and adopted/maintained four of the leantos on the Five Ponds trail (Big/Little Shallow, Wolf and Sand) back in the late 80s-early 90s. It was interesting to hear that campsites on the Oswegatchie were missing numbers. That was the case back in the late 80s as well. On one extended trip on the river, I renumbered all the sites up to the Robinson River (including one that had been skipped during the previous numbering). Back then Pine Ridge still had the old growth white pines; I would always stop there and sit among them. One time, while walking into them, I tripped and did a face plant. When I got up, a deer antler was wrapped around my ankle. That antler still sits on a bookshelf in my home office. Thanks again for bringing back so many treasured memories.

Although it is not great quality, here is a photo of Pine Ridge on the Oswegatchie back in 1988.

Oswegatchie Pine Ridge.jpg

You can just make out the huge beaver dam on one of the headwater streams of the Oswegatchie. I dragged my canoe up it and paddled around the beaver pond.

Beaver Dam Oswegatchie Headwaters.jpg
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