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I've been in that general vicinity 4th of July week for almost every year of my life. I never once remember the BLACK flies being an issue... DEER flies OTOH...

I've also been there in early spring on many occasions and never once did I have a black fly so much as bite me. A little swarmy sometimes.

Memorial day or around last week of May is always when I've been annihilated by black files. I go elsewhere around a 3-4 week window of late May, early June. I won't deny it, I've literally packed up and went home they were so bad.

I've also been around town and lived up there during that time of year, and while I would get bit here and there, it wasn't that bad. Especially now that a lot of towns do treatments. Dank and sheltered is not where I'd want to be. If you're out in a breeze, or riding a bike, they usually aren't too bad. Not Queer Lake...
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