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Another consideration: The foundation has made posts to social media sites (such as Facebook) advertising content posted to these forums- usually trip reports. When those posts are made, the social media algorithm typically scrapes the content of the destination web page and (among other things) grabs images to include in the post made to the social media site- including sometime forum member photos that were included as part of the trip report. That would be an example of how the ADKHighPeaks Foundation is exercising their rights to your image, in a way that you potentially did not anticipate initially when you chose to upload it here.

FWIW- they may have chosen to do this with permission of the post author (any forum admin is welcome to chime in here on this). Even if not, it's not exactly something that I would personally view in any nefarious light.

The way I look at it is that any image that I put online is at risk of being saved, shared, etc. in ways far beyond what I might find acceptable, whether legally or not- and to not take steps to protect one's intellectual property regardless of the image host is to practically invite abuse. I'm generally careful (with a few exceptions) never to upload original quality images, so that at the very least, only I retain the rights to and/or have access to the original quality image.

And in fact, the biggest issues I've had regarding "unauthorized use" of my photos have stemmed not from strangers, but from friends. It's been a bit of a challenge trying to get both myself and my friends on the same page regarding what are reasonable expectations concerning their use of my photos.
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