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Originally Posted by Crash View Post
On this site, there is no such transfer of photo rights (moderators, please tell me if I'm wrong).
There was an issue in the past concerning copyright of content that was posted to these forums- although not from the forum Admins. If I remember correctly, someone was taking trip reports (and maybe even also photos?) and copying them in their entirety to a third party site without permission or even making either the forum admins or the post authors/picture photographers aware that they were doing so.

The result of that situation was that this disclaimer regarding copyright of material hosted on these forums was authored and posted to the ADKHighPeaks forums to clarify exactly who owns what for anything hosted on these sites.

That post makes it pretty clear that to some extent, yes, the ADKHighPeaks Foundation does become a co-owner of your photos when you choose to host them here. However, the photographer has the right to delete any such photos, which in turn removes any such "ownership" rights of the photo by the foundation.
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