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Backwoodsman, thank you for your compliment.

I understand that someone could download my photos, but I do retain the copyright of my photos, even if I post them. And in actuality, I dont think I would have a problem if someone would copy a photo for their own personal use. And the photos, as posted on this site, are down-sampled and compressed so much that their quality is rather poor compared with the originals.

The biggest reason I would hesitate to post photos is out of concern for over-popularizing my favorite spots. Labeling only by the unit name leaves the location vague at least for most viewers. But I figure that a fellow well-traveled Adirondack paddler should be able to identify the locations of at least half of my shots (especially with the help of the unit name). And if anybody PMd me about a particular photo Id likely have no problem providing details I just wouldnt want the details permanently searchable on the WWW.

But mainly, I just enjoy sharing the cools things Ive found in these woods.
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