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Originally Posted by tenderfoot View Post
dacipkowski - I have looked at that combination over and over again. Drawn to it...

Can I ask how long you have had the Litoudoors stove? 12', 18' or extra large (I keep looking at the 18'). Go together easy enough after the first couple of tries? Thanks.

Putting me off is the price. But often one gets what one pays for. No worries if I have a gear failure car camping but I would live to head out to wherever that photo is from.
I hear you on the price. I use the 18" stove. The depth allows me to load longer sticks, which makes processing wood a bit easier. I can get the whole stove together in about 5 minutes and it appears to be durable. My only issue with that stove over the square ones, like those by SO, is that it is more difficult to boil water on. There are bars that run along the top of the stove that can be used to support a pot, but since the contact area with the stove is relatively minimal, boiling water is challenging. It's great for cooking other things, though. For sausages or other meats/veggies wrapped in foil and placed on top, it's great. I echo snappers suggestion to check out Luxe for a cheaper alternative.
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