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electbc: Yes, the very shy cedar river flow inlet. My phone just reminded me of our adventure last year. What great fun.

Stashing wood: I am not organized enough to pull this off. Ability to go and desired destination change often. Not discounting it entirely, the idea of spending a fall or summer day processing and stashing wood is not terrible.

Envi Blocks. Interesting. I thought about hauling wood or pellets if resorting to a sled or camping close to car (ADK Loj for instance).

If Bioguide is the gentleman that has a clear door and listens to books on tape while watching the snow fall I am familiar. Great videos. I think he has those neat skis too.

Snapper: Yes, spent a lot of time thinking about the hammock in the hot tent idea. I've seen the tarps, toyed with the idea of making one. I really want to stress to my camping buddy (daughter) that the hot tent is a luxury and we should not be camping outside the safety range of our cold-camp gear.

nnyhunter: Big fan of SO. Looking at their new Silex which is 1 person w/ stive but 2 people without. Attracted to it because of weight and the pitch seems to offer decent head room. Not something you walk into though and although the two of us could use it as a warming hut not for sleeping.
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